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Elgin Pocket Watches – How much is one worth? - P.A.I.G. Pocket Watches

An Elgin pocket watch is just one of the many sought after collectible pocket watches available in the market. So if you have one then you’re just in luck. Depending on the style and design of your Elgin watch you will be able to determine its value so that you can appreciate its history or prefer to sell to numerous watch collectors. Of course, it’s easy to sell these watches since you have the Internet to auction it out but the problem is do you really know its actual value? If not then read on for easy some steps on how to determine the worth or value of your Elgin pocket watch.

The best way to determine the value of your pocket watch is to take note of its serial number of the movement. This information is usually found where the gears on your pocket watch are located. You can also tell the age, quality and grade of you watch if you do a Serial Number Lookup. There are several websites online that have a record of the serial numbers of pocket watches that were manufacturer during the earlier days. You may also utilize information from a library where you can find old books about pocket watches. Once you have determined the quality and age of your watch then it will be easier for you to determine its appraisal.


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